Dear EDCL Members,

We hope you all are staying safe and taking necessary measures to protect you and everyone around you. As you are all aware of COVID 19 impacts on day-to-day routine and has caused shutdowns to workplaces and other government-funded programs, our league is no different. EDCL had to cancel its banquet due to this virus as well.

Saying this, EDCL executives had a long conference call to discuss the upcoming season and we want to notify you on the decisions that we made, a lot of factors went into this discussion before any decision was made, such as updates from the city regarding grounds to shipments and delivery of the balls, discussion with Cricket Canada and Alberta Cricket Association. As of now, we can confirm that the season will not be commencing on May 2nd as originally planned and no confirmation on the starting date, this includes St Albert and PUSHA. We know that St. Albert won’t be available at least till June 1st.

As of now, we have decided that we will wait for instructions from the city and other involved agencies to let us know when the grounds will open and the games can commence. Once we have a set date the President and league executives will call a Special General Meeting to discuss options we have available for the remainder of our season. More information on options will follow once we have a set date.

EDCL had its SAGM on March 7th and some clubs paid their dues and remaining were given a deadline of March 31st to pay the dues. Now that we are not sure when the season might start or if a season will happen we have decided we will not be collecting these dues anymore till further notice. EDCL will refund all the dues collected. Clubs that gave a Bank draft will be given a refund check and others will just get their check back. If any club wants EDCL to hold off on the dues till a decision on this season is made and adjust those balances for future please contact AZAD ZIA to set it up.

This is very heartbreaking for all of us who have great love and passion for cricket but we also have to keep each other safe and we hope this Virus is taken care of soon. Please feel free to email us back if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter. We are all in this together and we will come out strong and safe.

Stay safe and be Well,
EDCL Executives